dokumentarfilme über frauen- und geschlechtergerechtigkeit

Im Rahmen des Crossroads Festival werden am 13. Juni 3 Dokumentarfilme über Frauen- und Geschlechtergerechtigkeit im Forum Stadtpark präsentiert. Wir beteiligen uns hiermit als Kooperationspartner_innen.


  • Saving Face (Pakistan/UK, 2011, 52 min, OV with English subtitles; Directed by: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Daniel Junge)
    In Pakistan, a woman’s face is deemed to be her greatest asset. Someone seeking to punish a woman need only destroy her face to do her permanent harm – both physically and socially. Academy Award winner Saving Face exposes how acid attacks affect women in Pakistan, including Zakia, whose husband attacked her outside a courthouse when she filed for divorce, and  Rukhsana, whose spouse attacked her in the marital home where she still lives because she cannot afford to care for her children alone.
    The film focuses on Dr. Mohammad Jawad, a courageous plastic surgeon trying to help this community. Originally from Pakistan and now practicing in London, he explains: „It makes me very angry. I don’t want to hear these stories anymore.“ Zakia not only benefits from Dr. Jawad’s treatment, she also goes to court to prosecute her husband for her attack. She becomes the first case tried under a new law in Pakistan that punishes perpetrators of acid attacks with life imprisonment.

  • Guerrilla Grannies – How to Live in This World (NL/BE, 2012, 80 min, OV with English subtitles; Directed by: Ike Bertels)
    For 10 years, three female guerrillas risked their lives for freedom and self-determination in Mozambique after 500 years of Portuguese colonialism. Touched by the images of Monica, Amelia and Maria, who starred in a BBC documentary about this liberation struggle, director Ike Bertels decided to film these women again, wondering if their revolutionary ideals helped shape the new Mozambican society. She reported on the lives of her three new friends twice before, and has now made her third film about these strong women. How do the Guerrilla Grannies deal with a changing world, in which their children and grandchildren are struggling for survival? And how can a grandmother keep the old revolutionary spirit alive in a globalised world?

  • We Women Warriors (USA, 2012, 79 min, Spanish OV with English subtitles; Directed by: Nicole Karsin)
    We Women Warriors follows three native women caught in the crossfire of Colombia’s warfare who are using non-violent resistance to defend their people’s survival. In Colombia, there are 102 aboriginal groups, one-third of which are in danger of extinction because of the ongoing conflict. Trapped in a protracted war financed by the drug trade, indigenous women are resourcefully leading and creating transformation imbued with hope. The film bears witness to rights abuses and interweaves character-driven stories about female empowerment, unshakable courage, and faith in the survival of indigenous culture.


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