about our plenum

The Ladyfest Graz Plenum consists of dedicated people interested in the queer and feminist movement. The plenum is autonomous, voluntary and it’s not bound to any society, NGO or association. The organisation committee is composed of students as well as musicians and operates interdisciplinary. It is open to anybody interested in joining the plenum and contributing new ideas.

our goals

  • ensuring a sensitisation for feminist topics
  • informing and communicating about sociopolitical topics through new media
  • supporting young artists
  • interconnecting interested people
  • promotion of different arts
  • getting to know institutions for women and girls in Graz and its surroundings
  • encouraging the public dialogue about gender constructions in art
  • confronting young women with role models from the art scene
  • political education for young people
  • promotion of personal initiative in the spheres of art and politics
  • learning strategies of self-expression

These goals shall be realized within workshops, public readings, discussions, lectures and concerts. The homepage is being maintained and updated regularly. We want it to become a platform for queer-feminist and artistic themes, providing information for further topics than just the Ladyfest Graz.


Any person that is excited about our ideas, is welcome to participate in our plenum. We’re looking forward to seeing new faces and we’re always happy about hearing new, creative ideas and a constructive networking. For information about upcoming plenary meetings you can write us via „KONTAKT“ or at ladyfest.graz[at]gmx.com